Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™: Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit Reference Platform Porting Guide

ID 683809
Date 3/28/2022
Document Table of Contents

3.6. Branding Your Intel® Stratix® 10 Custom Platform

Modify the library, driver, and source files in the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit Reference Platform to reference your Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Custom Platform.
  1. In the software development environment available with the s10_ref Reference Platform, replace all references of "s10_ref" with the name of your Custom Platform.
  2. Modify the PACKAGE_NAME and MMD_LIB_NAME fields in the <your_custom_platform>/source/Makefile.common file.
  3. Modify the name, linklib, and mmlibs elements in <your_custom_platform>/board_env.xml file to your custom MMD library name.
  4. In your Custom Platform, modify the following lines of code in the hw_pcie_constants.h file to include information of your Custom Platform:
    #define ACL_BOARD_PKG_NAME "s10_ref"
    #define ACL_VENDOR_NAME "Intel Corporation"
    #define ACL_BOARD_NAME "Stratix 10 Reference Platform"

    For Windows, the hw_pcie_constants.h file is in the <your_custom_platform>\source\include folder. For Linux, the hw_pcie_constants.h file is in the <your_custom_platform>/linux64/driver directory.

    Note: The ACL_BOARD_PKG_NAME variable setting must match the name attribute of the board_env element that you specified in the board_env.xml file.
  5. Define the Device ID, Subsystem Vendor ID, Subsystem Device ID, and Revision ID, as defined in the Device Identification Registers for Intel® Stratix® 10 PCIe Hard IP section.
    Note: The PCIe* IDs in the hw_pcie_constants.h file must match the parameters in the PCIe® controller hardware.
  6. Update your Custom Platform's board.qsys Platform Designer system and the hw_pcie_constants.h file with the IDs defined in step 5.
  7. For Windows, update the <your_custom_platform>\windows64\driver\Shim.inf file.
  8. Run make in the <your_custom_platform>/source directory to generate the driver.