Intel® Agilex™ F-Series and I-Series General-Purpose I/O User Guide

ID 683780
Date 6/14/2022

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Document Table of Contents Single-Ended I/O Standards External Termination

SSTL-12, HSTL-12, POD12 I/O standards require an input VREF and a termination voltage (VTT). The reference voltage of the receiving device tracks the termination voltage of the transmitting device.

Intel recommends that you use OCT with these I/O standards to save board space and cost. OCT reduces the number of external termination resistors used.

Note: You cannot use RS and RT OCT simultaneously. For more information, refer to the related information.
Table 13.  I/O Standards Required External Termination
I/O Standard External Termination Scheme
1.2 V LVCMOS No on-board termination required
SSTL-12 Single-ended SSTL I/O standard termination
HSTL-12 Single-ended HSTL I/O standard termination
HSUL-12 No on-board termination required
POD12 Differential POD I/O standard termination
Differential SSTL-12 Differential SSTL I/O standard termination
Differential HSTL-12 Differential HSTL I/O standard termination
Differential HSUL-12 No on-board termination required
Differential POD12 Differential POD I/O standard termination
Figure 10. SSTL and HSTL I/O Standards External Termination
Figure 11. POD12 I/O Standard External Termination