Intel® MAX® 10 Analog to Digital Converter User Guide

ID 683596
Date 5/04/2021

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5.4.3. Threshold Interface of Modular ADC Core and Modular Dual ADC Core

The threshold interface is an Avalon-ST type interface that does not support backpressure.
Table 28.  Threshold Interface Signals
Signal Width (Bit) Description
valid 1 Indication from the source port that current transfer is valid.
channel 5

Indicates the ADC channel for which the threshold value has been violated.

  • 31:18—not used
  • 17—temperature sensor
  • 16:0—channels 16 to 0; where channel 0 is the dedicated analog input pin and channels 1 to 16 are the dual purpose analog input pins
data 1

Indicates the type of threshold violation:

  • 1—Exceeds maximum threshold value
  • 0—Below minimum threshold value