Intel® MAX® 10 Analog to Digital Converter User Guide

ID 683596
Date 5/04/2021

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2.1.7. ADC Temperature Sensing Diode

The ADC block in Intel® MAX® 10 devices has built-in TSD. You can use the built-in TSD to monitor the internal temperature of the Intel® MAX® 10 device.
  • While using the temperature sensing mode, the ADC sampling rate is 50 kilosamples per second during temperature measurement.
  • After the temperature measurement completes, if the next conversion in the sequence is normal sampling mode, the Modular ADC Core IP core automatically switches the ADC back to normal sampling mode. The maximum cumulative sampling rate in normal sampling mode is 1 MSPS.
  • When the ADC switches from normal sensing mode to temperature sensing mode, and vice versa, calibration is run automatically for the changed clock frequency. The calibration incurs at least six clock calibration cycles from the new sampling rate.
  • The ADC TSD measurement uses a 64-samples running average method. For example:
    • The first measured temperature value is the average of samples 1 to 64.
    • The second measured temperature value is the average of samples 2 to 65.
    • The third measured temperature value is the average of samples 3 to 66.
    • The subsequent temperature measurements follow the same method.

For dual ADC devices, the temperature sensor is available in ADC1 only.