Intel® MAX® 10 Analog to Digital Converter User Guide

ID 683596
Date 5/04/2021

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Document Table of Contents Temperature Measurement Sampling Rate

In temperature sensing mode, the maximum ADC sampling rate is 50 kilosamples per second (50 KHz frequency). The sampling rate of the TSD depends on the ADC Sample Rate parameter you selected in the Modular ADC Core or Modular Dual ADC Core IP core.
Table 5.   Intel® MAX® 10 TSD Sampling Rate Based on Selected ADC Sample Rate Parameter
ADC Sample Rate Selected Actual TSD Sampling Rate
1 MHz 50 KHz
500 KHz 50 KHz
250 KHz 25 KHz
200 KHz 20 KHz
125 KHz 12.5 KHz
100 KHz 10 KHz
50 KHz 5 KHz
25 KHz 2.5 KHz