Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Device Datasheet

ID 683794
Date 10/31/2022
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Programming/Erasure Specifications

Table 9.  Programming/Erasure Specifications for Intel® MAX® 10 Devices

This table shows the programming cycles and data retention duration of the user flash memory (UFM) and configuration flash memory (CFM) blocks.

For more information about data retention duration with 10,000 programming cycles for automotive temperature devices, contact your Intel quality representative and quote ID#14015216870.

Erase and reprogram cycles (E/P) 8 (Cycles/page) Temperature (°C) Data retention duration (Years)
10,000 85 20
10,000 100 10
8 The number of E/P cycles applies to the smallest possible flash block that can be erased or programmed in each Intel® MAX® 10 device. Each Intel® MAX® 10 device has multiple flash pages per device.

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