Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Timing Analyzer

ID 683068
Date 2/21/2024
Document Table of Contents Timing Report Commands

The Timing Analyzer generates only a subset of all available reports by default, including the Timing Analyzer Summary report. However, you can generate many other detailed reports in the Timing Analyzer GUI, or with command-line commands. You can customize the display of information in the reports.
Table 5.  Timing Analyzer Report Generation Command Summary
Timing Analyzer Tasks Pane GUI Command-Line Generates
Custom Reports > Report Timing report_timing Timing report
Custom Reports > Report Exceptions report_exceptions Exceptions report
Diagnostic > Report Clock Transfers report_clock_transfers Clock Transfers report
Slack > Report Minimum Pulse Width Summary report_min_pulse_width Minimum Pulse Width Summary report
Diagnostic > Report Unconstrained Paths report_ucp Unconstrained Paths report