Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Timing Analyzer

ID 683068
Date 2/21/2024
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2.4.3. Identifying the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software Executable from the SDC File

To identify which Intel® Quartus® Prime software executable is currently running you can use the $::TimingAnalyzerInfo(nameofexecutable) variable from within an SDC file. This technique is most commonly used when you want to use an overconstraint to cause the Fitter to work harder on a particular path or set of paths in the design.

 Identifying the Intel® Quartus® Prime Executable

#Identify which executable is running:
set current_exe $::TimingAnalyzerInfo(nameofexecutable)
if { [string equal $current_exe "quartus_fit"] } {
    #Apply .sdc assignments for Fitter executable here
} else {
    #Apply .sdc assignments for non-Fitter executables here
if { ! [string equal "quartus_sta" $::TimingAnalyzerInfo(nameofexecutable)] } {
    #Apply .sdc assignments for non-Timing Analyzer executables here
} else {
    #Apply .sdc assignments for Timing Analyzer executable here

Examples of different executable names are quartus_map for Analysis & Synthesis, quartus_fit for Fitter, and quartus_sta for the Timing Analyzer.