Arria® V Device Datasheet

ID 683022
Date 5/23/2023
Document Table of Contents Transceiver Clocks

Table 101.  Transceiver Clocks Specifications for Arria V GZ DevicesSpeed grades shown refer to the PMA Speed Grade in the device ordering code. The maximum data rate could be restricted by the Core/PCS speed grade. Contact your Intel Sales Representative for the maximum data rate specifications in each speed grade combination offered. For more information about device ordering codes, refer to the Arria V Device Overview.
Symbol/Description Conditions Transceiver Speed Grade 2 Transceiver Speed Grade 3 Unit
Min Typ Max Min Typ Max
fixedclk clock frequency PCIe* 
Receiver Detect 100 or 125 100 or 125 MHz
Reconfiguration clock (mgmt_clk_clk) frequency 100 125 100 125 MHz