Arria® V Device Datasheet

ID 683022
Date 5/23/2023
Document Table of Contents Temperature Sensing Diode Specifications

Table 115.  Internal Temperature Sensing Diode Specification for Arria V GZ Devices
Temperature Range Accuracy Offset Calibrated Option Sampling Rate Conversion Time182 Resolution Minimum Resolution with no Missing Codes
–40°C to 100°C ±8°C No 1 MHz, 500 kHz < 100 ms 8 bits 8 bits
Table 116.  External Temperature Sensing Diode Specifications for Arria V GZ Devices
Description Min Typ Max Unit
Ibias, diode source current 8 200 μA
Vbias, voltage across diode 0.3 0.9 V
Series resistance < 1 Ω
Diode ideality factor 1.006 1.008 1.010
182 For more details about the temperature sensing operations, refer to the Intel FPGA Temperature Sensor IP Core User Guide.

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