Arria® V Device Datasheet

ID 683022
Date 5/23/2023
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Give Feedback Internal Weak Pull-Up Resistor

Table 93.  Internal Weak Pull-Up Resistor for Arria V GZ DevicesAll I/O pins have an option to enable the weak pull-up resistor except the configuration, test, and JTAG pins. The internal weak pull-down feature is only available for the JTAG TCK pin. The typical value for this internal weak pull-down resistor is approximately 25 kΩ .
Symbol Description VCCIO Conditions (V) 128 Value 129 Unit
RPU Value of the I/O pin pull-up resistor before and during configuration, as well as user mode if you enable the programmable pull-up resistor option. 3.0 ±5% 25 k Ω
2.5 ±5% 25 k Ω
1.8 ±5% 25 k Ω
1.5 ±5% 25 kΩ 
1.35 ±5% 25 k Ω
1.25 ±5% 25 k Ω
1.2 ±5% 25 k Ω
128 The pin pull-up resistance values may be lower if an external source drives the pin higher than VCCIO.
129 These specifications are valid with a ±10% tolerance to cover changes over PVT.