Arria® V Device Datasheet

ID 683022
Date 5/23/2023
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Give Feedback Absolute Maximum Ratings

This section defines the maximum operating conditions for Arria® V devices. The values are based on experiments conducted with the devices and theoretical modeling of breakdown and damage mechanisms.

The functional operation of the device is not implied for these conditions.

Conditions outside the range listed in the following table may cause permanent damage to the device. Additionally, device operation at the absolute maximum ratings for extended periods of time may have adverse effects on the device.
Table 1.  Absolute Maximum Ratings for Arria® V Devices
Symbol Description Minimum Maximum Unit
VCC Core voltage power supply –0.50 1.43 V
VCCP Periphery circuitry, PCI Express* ( PCIe* ) hard IP block, and transceiver physical coding sublayer (PCS) power supply –0.50 1.43 V
VCCPGM Configuration pins power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCC_AUX Auxiliary supply –0.50 3.25 V
VCCBAT Battery back-up power supply for design security volatile key register –0.50 3.90 V
VCCPD I/O pre-driver power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCCIO I/O power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCCD_FPLL Phase-locked loop (PLL) digital power supply –0.50 1.80 V
VCCA_FPLL PLL analog power supply –0.50 3.25 V
VCCA_GXB Transceiver high voltage power –0.50 3.25 V
VCCH_GXB Transmitter output buffer power –0.50 1.80 V
VCCR_GXB Receiver power –0.50 1.50 V
VCCT_GXB Transmitter power –0.50 1.50 V
VCCL_GXB Transceiver clock network power –0.50 1.50 V
VI DC input voltage –0.50 3.80 V
VCC_HPS HPS core voltage and periphery circuitry power supply –0.50 1.43 V
VCCPD_HPS HPS I/O pre-driver power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCCIO_HPS HPS I/O power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCCRSTCLK_HPS HPS reset and clock input pins power supply –0.50 3.90 V
VCCPLL_HPS HPS PLL analog power supply –0.50 3.25 V
VCC_AUX_SHARED HPS auxiliary power supply –0.50 3.25 V
IOUT DC output current per pin –25 40 mA
TJ Operating junction temperature –55 125 °C
TSTG Storage temperature (no bias) –65 150 °C