Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express User Guide

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Date 11/01/2022
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12. Revision History for Multi Channel DMA Intel FPGA IP for PCI Express User Guide

Date Intel® Quartus® Prime Version IP Version Changes
2022.11.01 22.3

22.0.0 [H-Tile]

4.0.0 [P-Tile]

4.0.0 [F-Tile]

Troubleshooting/Debugging Chapter updates
  • Unless or otherwise noted, the debug toolkit features described in the Troubleshooting/Debugging Chapter apply to both P-Tile and F-Tile.
  • Enabling the Debug Toolkit: Description of this operation expanded
  • Launching the Debug Toolkit: New note added for about the standalone install of Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition
  • Main View: Channel Mapping for Bifurcated Ports table updated
  • Toolkit Parameters
    • In table Available Parameter Settings, rows Advertised speed, Advertised width, Negotiated speed, Negotiated width have been updated
    • In table Available Parameter Settings, new row PIPE PhyStatus (For F-Tile debug toolkit only) has been added
  • Channel Parameters: Tag (For P-Tile debug toolkit only) has been added wherever required
  • Eye Viewer: F-Tile support information added
  • Link Inspector: New section added
2022.08.19 22.2

21.5.0 [H-Tile]

3.1.0 [P-Tile]

3.0.0 [F-Tile]

  • Release Information: Table updated
  • Functional Description: Block Diagram updated
  • MCDMA Settings: Number of ports parameter info updated
  • Top-Level Settings: Enable Ptile Debug Toolkit (P-Tile) and Enable Debug Toolkit (F-Tile) parameters row added
  • Multifunction and SR-IOV System Settings Paramters [Endpoint Mode: Number of DMA channels allocated to PF0 parameter info updated
  • Example Designs: Currently Selected Example Design parameter info updated for H-Tile
  • Example Designs: Current development kit parameter info updated for P-Tile and F-Tile
  • Eye Viewer: Note added about eye-margining
4 Port AVST Mode has been deprecated from this release. All related 4 Port Mode information has been removed from the following sections:
  • Endpoint Mode
  • Avalon-ST Source (H2D) and Sink (D2H)
  • Packet (File) Boundary
  • Bursting Avalon-MM Slave (BAS)
  • Avalon-ST Source (H2D)
  • Avalon-ST Sink (D2H)
  • Port List (H-Tile)
  • Port List (P-Tile and F-Tile)
2022.04.20 22.1

21.4.0 [H-Tile]

3.0.0 [P-Tile]

2.0.0 [F-Tile]

  • Known Issues [New section added]
  • Release Information [IP Version updated]
  • Recommended Speed Grades [Table updated]
  • Resource Utilization [All tables updated]
  • Descriptors [Software Descriptor Format Table Rows Updated: SRC_ADDR [63:0], DEST_ADDR [127:64], PYLD_CNT [147:128]]
  • Avalon-MM PIO Master [Description updated]
  • Avalon-ST 1-Port Mode [Note added]
  • Bursting Avalon-MM Master [Description updated]
  • H2D Descriptor Format (h2ddm_desc) [Table Rows Updated: RSVD [200:200], RSVD [216:201]]
  • H2D Descriptor Completion Packet Format (h2ddm_desc_cmpl) [Table Rows Updated: En_partial_cmpl_data [82:82], Completion data]
  • D2H Data Mover [Table Row updated: d2hdm_desc]
  • D2H Descriptor Format (d2hdm_desc) [Table Rows updated: SRC_ADDR [63:0], MM_mode [176:176], App_specific_bits [179:177], DESC_IDX1 [195:180], RSVD [196:196], RSVD [212:197]]
  • Application Specific Bits [Table updated]
  • Avalon-MM PIO Master [Note added]
  • Avalon-MM PIO Master [Table updated. Row: rx_pio_address_o[n:0]]
  • MCDMA Settings [H-Tile. New GUI Screesnhot added] [D2H Prefetch channels Row in table updated]
  • Base Address Register [P-Tile and F-Tile] [Note added]
  • MCDMA Settings [P-Tile and F-Tile] [D2H Prefetch channels Row in table updated]
  • Example Designs [Currently Selected Example Design Row in Table updated]
  • Software Flow [QCSR Registers list updated in Step 1]
  • Queue Control (QCSR) [Queue Control Registers Table Rows Updated: Q_PYLD_CNT,Q_RESET]
  • Control Register (GCSR) [Note Added]
2022.01.14 21.4

21.3.0 [H-Tile]

2.2.0 [P-Tile]

1.1.0 [F-Tile]

  • Data Mover Only user mode option added to Endpoint Mode
  • Resource Utilization tables updated
  • IP Version updated in Release Information
  • Data Mover Only user mode option added in Chapter Functional Description
  • Data Mover Interface and Hard IP Status Interface added to Chapter Interface Iverview
  • Port List (P-Tile and F-Tile) figure updated with data mover mode interfaces
  • PCIe0 Configuration, Debug and Extension Options section updated in Parameters (P-Tile and F-Tile) Chapter
  • Enable 10-bit tag support GUI feature added to MCDMA Settings in Parameters (P-Tile and F-Tile) Chapter
  • Data Mover Only user mode option added to Example Designs table in Parameters (P-Tile and F-Tile) Chapter
  • Device Management and Channel Management sections updated for Network Device Driver
  • ethtool support and debugfs support added to Network Device Driver
  • SRIOV Support information added for Network Device Driver
2021.10.29 21.3

21.2.0 [H-Tile]

2.1.0 [P-Tile]

1.0.0 [F-Tile]

  • Recommended Speed Grades table updated with F-Tile support information
  • Resource Utilization tables updated
  • Release Information updated
  • Valid user modes and required functional blocks table updated
  • Address format information added to Config Slave
  • Multi Channel DMA IP for PCI Express Port List (P-Tile and F-Tile) figure updated with F-Tile information
  • Config TL Interface signal table updated
  • F-Tile support information added to Configuration Intercept Interface (EP Only)
  • F-Tile support information added to Parameters (P-Tile and F-Tile) Chapter
  • MCDMA IP Software Driver Differentiation table added
  • Network Device Driver information added in Multi Channel DMA IP Kernel Mode Network Device Driver
  • Debug Toolkit information added
2021.08.16 21.2

21.1.0 [H-Tile]

2.0.0 [P-Tile]

  • Fixed H-Tile IP revision number
  • Added 500 MHz support for P-Tile MCDMA IP
  • Added P-Tile single port Avalon-ST DMA up to 256 channels
  • Added MCDMA IP DPDK Poll-Mode based Driver
  • Added MCDMA IP Kernel Mode (No SRIOV) Driver
2021.05.28 21.1

2.0.0 [H-Tile]

1.0.0 [P-Tile]

  • PCIe Gen4 (P-Tile) Support
  • Support for x8 link width
  • MCDMA 1 port AVST interface
  • SR-IOV support
  • Root Port support (IP only)
  • Config Slave interface for RP
2020.07.20 20.2

20.0.0 [H-Tile]

Initial Release

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