Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express User Guide

ID 683821
Date 11/01/2022
Document Table of Contents

3.10.2. D2H Data Mover

Table 30.  D2H Data Mover Interface* = Interface name in IP Parameter Editor Block Symbol
Interface Name* Type Description
d2hdm_desc AVST Sink D2H data mover gets the descriptor from external descriptor controller. This interface is also used to send the DMWr or DWIntr command (MM_mode=0) to send the writeback to host.
d2hdm_desc_status AVST Source Once a descriptor is complete, D2H data mover returns the status of the D2H descriptors.
d2hdm_master AVMM Read Master D2H data mover reads the data from local memory and writes the data to host memory location.

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