External Memory Interfaces Intel® Agilex™ FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683216
Date 1/31/2022

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4.1.1. Intel Agilex EMIF IP Interfaces for DDR4

The interfaces in the Intel Agilex External Memory Interface IP each have signals that can be connected in Qsys. The following table lists the interfaces and corresponding interface types for DDR4.
Table 13.  Interfaces for DDR4
Interface Name Interface Type Description
local_reset_req Conduit Local reset request. Output signal from local_reset_combiner
local_reset_status Conduit Local reset status. Input signal to the local_reset_combiner
pll_ref_clk Clock Input PLL reference clock input
pll_locked Conduit PLL locked signal
ac_parity_err Output PORT_AC_PARITY_STATE_DESC
oct Conduit On-Chip Termination (OCT) interface
mem Conduit Interface between FPGA and external memory
status Conduit PHY calibration status interface
afi_reset_n Reset Output AFI reset interface
afi_clk Clock Output AFI clock interface
afi_half_clk Clock Output AFI half-rate clock interface
afi Conduit Altera PHY Interface (AFI)
emif_usr_reset_n Reset Output User clock domain reset interface
emif_usr_clk Clock Output User clock interface
ctrl_amm Avalon Memory-Mapped Slave Controller Avalon Memory-Mapped interface
ctrl_amm_aux Conduit IF_CTRL_AMM_AUX_DESC
ctrl_auto_precharge Conduit Controller auto-precharge interface
ctrl_user_priority Conduit Controller user-requested priority interface
ctrl_ecc_user_interrupt Conduit Controller ECC user interrupt interface
ctrl_ecc_readdataerror Conduit Controller ECC read data error indication interface
ctrl_ecc_status Conduit Controller ECC status interface
ctrl_mmr_slave Avalon Memory-Mapped Slave Controller MMR slave interface
hps_emif Conduit Conduit between Hard Processor Subsystem and memory interface
emif_calbus Conduit EMIF calibration component interface
emif_calbus_clk Clock Output EMIF calibration component clock input interface