External Memory Interfaces Intel® Agilex™ FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683216
Date 1/31/2022

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11.7.5. Exporting Tables

The Export Populated Tables button saves all the populated tables in the current toolkit view and all the pin delay settings read from the calbus bridge into *.csv files.
Figure 159. Export Populated Tables button

The system saves all the .csv files to the directory where the System Console was originally launched.

Table 156.  Generated .csv Files
Name of *.csv File Corresponding Tab (Table) in the Toolkit GUI
mem_config_table.csv Memory Configuration
vref_margins_table.csv Vref Margining
rtt_nom_table.csv Calibrate Termination [RTT_NOM Margins]
rtt_park_table.csv Calibrate Termination [RTT_PARK Margins]
rtt_wr_table.csv Calibrate Termination [RTT_WR Margins]
ods_table.csv Calibrate Termination [Output Driver Impedance Control Margins]
cal_status_table.csv Calibration Report [Calibration Status]
cal_results_delay_dq_table.csv Calibration Report [Calibration Delays and Margins (DQ)]
cal_results_delay_dqs_table.csv Calibration Report [Calibration Delays and Margins (DQS)]
cal_results_delay_dm_dbi_table.csv Calibration Report [Calibration Delays and Margins (DM_DBI)]
cal_results_vref_table.csv Calibration Report [Calibration Vref Settings]
driver_margins_table.csv Driver Margining
issp_probes_table.csv ISSP (In-System Probes)
issp_sources_table.csv ISSP (In-System Sources)
pin_delay.csv Pin Delay Settings