AN 766: Intel® Stratix® 10 Devices, High Speed Signal Interface Layout Design Guideline

ID 683132
Date 3/12/2019
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Recommended PCB layout Design for Version-B SMA 2.4 mm Connector

An optimized layout suppresses the natural cavity mode within the via GND ring as well as additional cavity coupling to other structures on the PCB.

Figure 90. Version-B 2.4 mm Connector LaunchThe diameter of the signal via drill hole is 10 mil.

D1: diameter of the signal anti-pad on the top layer = 60 mil.

D2: diameter of the signal pad = 20 mil.

D3: diameter of the signal anti-pad on the inner layers = 40 mil.

D4: diameter selected = 118 mil.

The width of the reference diving board must be at least twice the width of the signal trace.

Figure 91. Magnified Signal Trace and Reference Plane Areas at the Connector