AN 766: Intel® Stratix® 10 Devices, High Speed Signal Interface Layout Design Guideline

ID 683132
Date 3/12/2019
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Recommended PCB layout Design for Version-A SMA 2.4 mm Connector

Figure 89. Recommended layout for Molex Version-A 2.4 mm SMA connectorThe SMA is surface-mounted on the top layer.

The diameter of the signal via drill hole is 15 mil.

The diameter of the outer GND circle on the top layer is approximately 180 mil.

D1: signal anti-pad = 60 mil diameter.

D2: signal anti-pad = 26 mil diameter.

The GND reference planes for SMA signal routing are extended to the signal via pad to prevent mismatching in this area.

The insertion loss of the connector only is calculated as:

Connector RF Insertion Loss (max) = 0.03 x √f (GHz) dB

f is the maximum operating frequency for the channel. For example, for a channel operating at 28 Gbps, the maximum RF insertion loss of an individual SMA connector is 0.12 dB.