Intel® Stratix® 10 Device Design Guidelines

ID 683738
Date 8/24/2022
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MSEL Configuration Mode Pins

Table 38.  MSEL Configuration Mode Pins Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Connect the SDM pins with MSEL function to select the configuration scheme; do not leave them floating. Do not hardwire the pins to VCCIO_SDM or GND if they have other configuration functions based on the configuration scheme selected.

Select the configuration scheme by pulling the SDM pins with MSEL function high or low with external resistors. JTAG configuration is always available, regardless of the MSEL settings. The SDM pins with MSEL function are powered by the VCCIO_SDM power supply, and they have internal weak pull-up resistors.

During POR and reconfiguration, the SDM pins with MSEL function must be at LVTTL VIL and VIH levels to be considered as logic low and logic high, respectively. The SDM pins used for MSEL function also have other configuration functions, depending on the configuration schemes used. Do not hardwire the SDM pins with MSEL function to VCCIO_SDM or GND without pull-up or pull-down resistors, if they are needed for the configuration scheme used.