ALTPLL (Phase-Locked Loop) IP Core User Guide

ID 683732
Date 6/16/2017
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Document Revision History

Date Version Changes Made
June 2017 2017.06.16
  • Added support for Cyclone® 10 LP devices.
  • Changed instances of Quartus II to Quartus Prime.
April 2015 2015.04.17
  • Added restriction on self-reset for PLL reconfiguration in the PLL Dynamic Reconfiguration section.
  • Removed the topics about the IP catalog and parameter editor, generating IP cores, and the files generated by the IP core, and added links to IP documents.
August 2014 2014.08.18
  • Updated parameterization steps for legacy parameter editor.
  • Added note that this IP core does not support Arria 10 designs.
June 2014 2014.06.30
  • Replaced MegaWizard Plug-In Manager information with IP Catalog.
  • Added standard information about upgrading IP cores.
  • Added standard installation and licensing information.
  • Removed outdated device support level information. IP core device support is now available in IP Catalog and parameter editor.
  • Updated description in Operation Modes section.
  • Added Cyclone IV device in PLL Dynamic Reconfiguration Feature Support table.
  • Updated the Advanced Control Signals summary table.
August 2013 2013.08.22 Added a link to AN454: Implementing PLL Reconfiguration in Stratix III and Stratix IV Devices.
May 2013 9.0 DITA conversion.
November 2009 8.0 Updated to reflect new document organization and format.
December 2008 7.0
  • Updated the following sections:
  • “Device Family Support” section
  • “Introduction” section
  • “Features” section
  • “General Description” section
  • “Design Examples” section
  • “Simulation” section
  • “Ports and Parameters” section
  • “How to Contact Altera” section
  • Removed the following sections:
  • “Resource Utilization & Performance” section
  • “Software and System Requirements” section
  • “Instantiating Multifunction in HDL Code” section
  • “Identifying a Multifunction after Compilation” section
  • “Signature II Embedded Logic Analyzer” section
  • Reorganized the “Using the MegaWizard Plug-In Manager” section into table format.
  • Renamed “About this User Guide” section to “Additional Information” and moved the section to the end of the user guide.
March 2007 6.0 Updated for software version 7.0, including:
  • Added support for Cyclone III devices
  • Added Referenced Documents section
December 2006 5.0 Updated to reflect new document organization, additions, and GUI changes for Quartus 6.1, including adding information relating to Stratix III devices
May 2006 4.0 Updated to reflect new document organization, additions, and GUI changes for Quartus 6.0
December 2004 3.0 Updated to reflect new document organization and GUI changes