25G Ethernet Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683154
Date 9/15/2021
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7. Control, Status, and Statistics Register Descriptions

This section provides information about the memory-mapped registers. You access these registers using the IP core Avalon® memory-mapped control and status interface. The registers use 32-bit addresses; they are not byte addressable.

Write operations to a read-only register field have no effect. Read operations that address a Reserved register return an unspecified result. Write operations to Reserved registers have no effect. Accesses to registers that do not exist in your IP core variation, or to register bits that are not defined in your IP core variation, have an unspecified result. You should consider these registers and register bits Reserved. Although you can only access registers in 32-bit read and write operations, you should not attempt to write or ascribe meaning to values in undefined register bits.

Table 24.  Register Base Addresses
Word Offset Register Type
0x300-0x3FF PHY registers
0x400-0x4FF TX MAC registers
0x500-0x5FF RX MAC registers
0x600-0x708 Pause and Priority-Based Flow Control registers
0x800-0x8FF Statistics Counter registers - TX direction
0x900-0x9FF Statistics Counter registers - RX direction
0xA00-0xAFF TX 1588 PTP registers
0xB00-0xBFF RX 1588 PTP registers
0xC00-0xCFF TX Reed-Solomon FEC registers
0xD00-0xDFF RX Reed-Solomon FEC registers
  1. Do not attempt to access any register address that is Reserved or undefined. Accesses to registers that do not exist in your IP core variation have unspecified results.
  2. For Intel® Stratix® 10 H-tile production device, disable the background calibration prior to accessing the transceiver core reconfiguration register, as described in the Disabling Background Calibration section of this user guide.