AN 669: Drive-On-Chip Design Example for Cyclone V Devices

ID 683466
Date 5/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

Programming the QSPI FLASH With the XiP Preloader and Application

You must set the BOOTSEL jumpers on the Cyclone V SoC development board to boot from QSPI as BOOTSEL[2:0] left, left, left..
  1. Turn off then turn on the power to the board.
  2. Open the quartus_hps utility in a SoC EDS Command Shell.
  3. Program the preloader:

    quartus_hps -c 1 -o PV --boot=0 preloader-mkpimage.bin

  4. Program the application:

    quartus_hps -c 1 -o PV -a 0x40000 --boot=0 doc_xip-mkimage.bin

    If the command fails the first time because the HPS boots from the existing QSPI contents, try again.