AN 669: Drive-On-Chip Design Example for Cyclone V Devices

ID 683466
Date 5/15/2022
Document Table of Contents

4.6.1. Downloading the HPS Software with the Arm GUI

You must have an Arm Development Studio license to download the HPS software. Alternatively you can download the software with the Arm script.
  1. Run SoC EDS command shell by typing the following command:
    For example: "/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Arm/Development\ Studio\ 2021.1/bin/cmdsuite.exe"
  2. Type the following command in the SoC EDS command shell:
    The Arm Development Studio IDE Launcher opens.
  3. Browse to <project_dir>/software, click Select Folder, then click Launch.
  4. Select Run > Debug Configurations.
    Figure 4. Connection Tab
  5. Create a new debugger configuration by double clicking Generic Arm C/C++ Application
  6. On the Connection tab, select Debug Cortex-A9_0 under Intel SoC FPGA|Cyclone V SoC (Dual Core)|Bare Metal Debug.
  7. In the Target Connection drop-down select USB-Blaster and for Clock speed select 20MHz.
  8. In the Bare Metal Debug Connection field, click Browse… and select the USB Blaster II on localhost.
  9. Select the Debugger tab.
  10. In Run Control, select Connect Only.
  11. Turn on Run debug initialization debugger script (.ds / .py).
  12. Click File system to select the following file <project_dir>\software\DOC_TANDEM_CVSX\src\DriveOnChip\debug.ds, then click Open.
  13. In Host working directory turn on Use default .
  14. Click Apply to save the configuration, optionally specifying a name for the new configuration.
  15. Click Debug.
  16. Click Continue in the Debug Control panel to run the application.
  17. Check that the terminal console display shows the correct FPGA and power board combination. For example:
    [DECODE SYSID] Decoding hardware platform from QSYS SYSID data : 0x004042FE
    [DECODE SYSID] Hardware design version: 4.0
    [DECODE SYSID] FPGA Board     : Cyclone V SX Dev Kit
    [DECODE SYSID] Power Board    : Intel Tandem Motion Power
    [DECODE SYSID] Power board has 2 axes available
    [DECODE SYSID] Axis 0         : Enabled
    [DECODE SYSID] Axis 1         : Enabled 
  18. Apply power to the power board when you see the following message in the terminal console:
    ---> DC input voltage error - Check power connection
    The motor starts to turn.
  19. When the application is running, right-click on Cortex-A9_0 and click Disconnect from Target.