AN 737: SEU Detection and Recovery in Intel® Arria® 10 Devices

ID 683064
Date 10/21/2021
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2.3.4. Mitigated FIT

You can lower FIT by reducing the observed FIT rate, such as by enabling ECC. You can also use the optional M20K ECC to mitigate FIT, as well as the (not optional) hard processor ECC and other hard IP such as memory controllers, PCIe, and I/O calibration blocks.

The Projected SEU FIT by Component Usage report's w/ECC column represents the FPGA's lowest guaranteed, provable FIT rate that the Intel® Quartus® Prime software can calculate. ECC does not affect CRAM and flipflop rates; therefore, the data in the w/ECC column for these components is the same as the in Utilized column.

The ECC code strength varies with the device family. In Intel® Arria® 10 devices, the M20K block can correct up to two errors, and the FIT rate beyond two (not corrected) is small enough to be negligible in the total.