AN 737: SEU Detection and Recovery in Intel® Arria® 10 Devices

ID 683064
Date 10/21/2021
Document Table of Contents Adding Avalon-ST Splitter

EMR Unloader core sends the EMR data to the downstream IP cores with Avalon-ST protocol. Both ASD IP core and Fault Injection IP core require EMR data from EMR Unloader core. You need to instantiate the Avalon-ST Splitter to distribute the EMR data from EMR Unloader to ASD IP core and Fault Injection IP core. To add the Avalon-ST Splitter, perform the following steps:

  1. On the IP Catalog tab, expand Basic Functions, expand Bridges and Adaptors, expand Streaming, and click Avalon-ST Splitter.
  2. Click Add. The Avalon-ST Splitter parameter editor appears.
  3. Set NUMBER_OF_OUTPUTS to 3.
  4. Check only USE_VALID, USE_ERROR and USE_DATA, uncheck all other check boxes.
  5. Set DATA_WIDTH to 119.
  6. Set ERROR_WIDTH to 1.
  7. Set BITS_PER_SYMBOL to 119.
  8. Click Finish to return to Qsys. On the System Contents tab, an instance of the st_splitter_0 appears in the system contents table.
  9. Connect clk_reset port of the clk_0 clock source to reset port of st_splitter_0.
  10. Connect intosc port of the fault_injection_0 to clk port of st_splitter_0.
  11. Connect avst_emr_src port of emr_unloader2_0 to in port of st_splitter_0.
  12. Connect out0 port of st_splitter_0 to avst_emr_snk port of adv_seu_detection_0.
  13. Connect out1 port of st_splitter_0 to avst_emr_snk port of fault_injection_0.
  14. Double click the out2 port of the st_splitter_0 at Export column to export it for external access, leave the name default. This port will be used for Signal Tap purpose to read the EMR value after the fault injection.

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