Intel Agilex® 7 Device Family High-Speed Serial Interface Signal Integrity Design Guidelines

ID 683864
Date 6/15/2023
Document Table of Contents

1. Signal Integrity (SI) in High-Speed PCB Designs

Many factors impact high-speed, serial interface signal integrity, for example, insertion loss (IL), insertion loss deviation (ILD), return loss (RL), crosstalk, and mode conversion. To mitigate these factors, first determine the loss budget for your targeted protocol. Second, select PCB materials and a stackup design that allow you to stay under your loss budget. Then design your PCB with these materials, and run channel compliance analysis.

The final steps are post-layout model extraction and end-to-end system simulation. Use IBIS-AMI models to conduct full-channel, end-to-end eye diagram simulations at the target BER level of your targeted protocol. For more details about IBIS-AMI models, contact Intel Premier Support and quote ID #14017451502 .

Figure 1. Signal Integrity Flow in High-Speed PCB Designs