ALTDQ_DQS2 IP Core User Guide

ID 683742
Date 5/08/2017
Document Table of Contents

Using IP-Generate Command

You can use ip-generate.exe, a command-line executable, to configure parameters. The command creates or modifies custom IP core variations, which you can then instantiate in a design file.

To run the ip-generate command, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the ip-generate.exe executable file in the <quartus_install_dir>\quartus\sopc_builder\bin folder. Ensure that you include the directory path into your operating system environment.
  2. To obtain the options for the ip-generate command, type the following command in the command prompt:
    ip-generate –help
  3. To instantiate the IP core using the executable file, type the following syntax:
    ip-generate --component-name=altdq_dqs2 -–component-system-param=DEVICE_FAMILY=”Stratix V” -–file-set=QUARTUS_SYNTH --output-name[=<file_name>] –-component- param[=<parameter_name>][=<parameter_value>]
    The <file_name> is the instance name. For example, my_dqdqs2. The <parameter_name> is the name of the parameter that you configure with the value stated in <parameter_value>.

    You must use the –-component-param[=<parameter_name>][=<parameter_value>] option for every parameter assignment. Parameters that are not assigned take the default values. Ensure that you type the exact case and spaces for the parameter names and values.

    The following list describes two examples of how you can use this command:

    • To create an ALTDQ_DQS2 instance named my_dqdqs2 with all the default parameter values, type the following command:
    ip-generate --component-name=altdq_dqs2 -–component-system-param=DEVICE_FAMILY=”Stratix V” --output-name=my_dqdqs2 -–file-set=QUARTUS_SYNTH 
    • To create an ALTDQ_DQS2 instance named mydq_dqs2 without output strobe ports, and with a 135° DQS phase shift, type the following command:
    ip-generate --component-name=altdq_dqs2 –-component-system-param=DEVICE_FAMILY=”Stratix V” --output-name=my_dqdqs2 -–file-set=QUARTUS_SYNTH --component-param=USE_OUTPUT_STROBE=”False” --component-param=DQS_PHASE_SETTING=”3”

    This command generates two files—my_dqdqs2.v and The my_dqdqs2.v file contains the my_dqdqs2 top level module, and the file contains the source code. The files are in Verilog HDL format.

    The ip-generate command generates the ports for the instance based on the parameter values.