External Memory Interfaces Stratix® 10 FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683741
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Reports

The toolkit can generate a variety of reports, including summary, calibration, and margining reports for external memory interface connections. To generate a supported type of report for a connection, you run the associated task in the tasks folder for that connection.

Summary Report

The Summary Report provides an overview of the memory interface; it consists of the following tables:

  • Summary table. Provides a high-level summary of calibration results. This table lists details about the connection, IP version, IP protocol, and basic calibration results, including calibration failures. This table also lists the estimated average read and write data valid windows, and the calibrated read and write latencies.
  • Interface Details table. Provides details about the parameterization of the memory IP. This table allows you to verify that the parameters in use match the actual memory device in use.
  • Ranks Masked from Calibration tables (DDR3 only). Lists any ranks that were masked from calibration when calibration occurred. Masked ranks are ignored during calibration.

Calibration Report

The Calibration Report provides detailed information about the margins observed during calibration, and the settings applied to the memory interface during calibration; it consists of the following tables:

  • Calibration Status Per Group table: Lists the pass/fail status per group.
  • DQ Pin Margins Observed During Calibration table: Lists the DQ read/write margins and calibrated delay settings. These are the expected margins after calibration, based on calibration data patterns. This table also contains DM/DBI margins, if applicable.
  • DQS Pin Margins Observed During Calibration table: Lists the DQS margins observed during calibration.
  • FIFO Settings table: Lists the VFIFO and LFIFO settings made during calibration.
  • Latency Observed During Calibration table: Lists the calibrated read/write latency.
  • Address/Command Margins Observed During Calibration table: Lists the margins on calibrated A/C pins, for protocols that support Address/Command calibration.