AN 910: Intel Agilex® 7 Power Distribution Network Design Guidelines

ID 683393
Date 9/29/2023
Document Table of Contents

6. PCB Voltage Regulator Recommendation for PCB Power Rails

Intel® recommends the Intel Agilex® 7 PCB-based designs to use the recommended voltage regulators because of its capability, efficiency, and performance which have been validated on various Intel Agilex® 7 device family boards. Although you can use other voltage regulators, you are advised to use tested and trusted power solutions to remove the burden of validating other vendor solutions. This is to ensure that you can focus your bandwidth on validating and optimizing the FPGA intrinsic performances.

You can use other voltage regulators as long as you meet the PCB power rail tolerance and specification in Table 10 measured at package pin. Intel® does not support customers' PCB PDN time domain simulations. It is your responsibility to use the data and specifications in this document along with the guidance in Board Power Delivery Network Simulations chapter to perform PDN time domain simulation.