Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

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Date 3/12/2021
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10.2. Tool Options

Sample Output from Utility

The utility is a command line program. The table describes all the command line options; and the figure shows the --help output from the tool.

Table 9.  Command Line Options
Command line Argument Required? Description
-p filename Optional Specifies Preloader file to write
-b filename Optional Specifies Cyclone V or Arria® V SoC Bootloader file to write
-B filename Optional Specifies Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Bootloader file to write
-a write Required Specifies action to take. Only "write" action is supported. Example: "-a write"
disk_file Required(unless -d option is used) Specifies disk image file or physical disk to write to. A disk image file is a file that contains all the data for a storage volume including the partition table. This can be written to a physical disk later with another tool. For physical disks in Linux*, just specify the device file. For example: /dev/mmcblk0 For physical disks in Windows, specify the physical drive path such as \\.\physicaldrive2 or use the drive letter option(-d) to specify a drive letter. The drive letter option is the easiest method in Windows
-d Optional specify disk drive letter to write to. Example: "-d E". When using this option, the disk_file option cannot be specified.
-h Optional Displays help message and exits
--version Optional Displays script version number and exits

$ alt-boot-disk-util --help
Altera Boot Disk Utility
Copyright (C) 1991-2014 Altera Corporation

#write preloader to disk
    alt-boot-disk-util -p preloader -a write disk_file

#write bootloader to disk
    alt-boot-disk-util -b bootloader -a write disk_file

#write BOOTloader and PREloader to disk
    alt-boot-disk-util -p preloader -b bootloader -a write disk_file

#write Arria10 Bootloader to disk
    alt-boot-disk-util -B a10bootloader -a write disk_file

#write BOOTloader and PREloader to disk drive 'E'
    alt-boot-disk-util -p preloader -b bootloader -a write -d E

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b FILE, --bootloader=FILE
                        bootloader image file'
  -p FILE, --preloader=FILE
                        preloader image file'
  -a ACTION, --action=ACTION
                        only supports 'write' action'
  -B FILE, --a10-bootloader=FILE
                        arria10 bootloader image file
  -d DRIVE, --drive=DRIVE
                        specify disk drive letter to write to