Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
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The bootable SSBL image must be placed at 0x0 for NAND and QSPI flash. For SD/MMC the image can also be placed at 0x0, but typically the image is placed at offset 0x0 in a custom partition of type 0xA2. The custom partition does not have a filesystem on it. The BootROM is able to locate the partition using the MBR (Master Boot Record) located at 0x0 on the SD/MMC card.

The mkpimage tool always places the output image at the start of the output binary file, regardless of the target flash memory type. The flash programming tool is responsible for placing the image at the desired location on the flash memory device.