Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
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The bsp-create-settings tool converts the Intel® Quartus® Prime handoff information to source code for Cyclone® V SoC and Arria® V SoC, and to a Device Tree for Intel® Arria® 10 SoC.

Table 3.   User Parameters: bsp-create-settings
Option Required Description
--type <bsp-type>


This option specifies the type of BSP. Allowed values are:
  • "spl" for Cyclone® V SoC/ Arria® V SoC Preloader
  • "uboot" and "uefi" for Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Bootloader
--settings <filename>


This option specifies the path to a BSP settings file. The file is created with default settings.Intel recommends that you name the BSP settings file settings.bsp.

--preloader-settings-dir <directory>


This option specifies the path to the hardware handoff files.

--bsp-dir <directory>


This option specifies the path where the BSP files are generated. When specified, bsp-create-settings generates the files after the settings file has been created.Intel recommends that you always specify this parameter with bsp-create-settings.

--set <name> <value>


This option sets the BSP setting <name> to the value <value>. Multiple instances of this option can be used with the same command. Refer to BSP Settings for a complete list of available setting names and descriptions.