Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
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2.3.4. Installing MinGW

  1. Go to the SoC EDS and Arm* Development Studio web page on and navigate to the "Install MinGW" section. You can download the MinGW installer to your computer and run as an administrator.
    The installer application starts.
  2. In the MinGW Installation Manager Setup Tool dialog box, click Install.
    Figure 5. MinGW Installation Manager Setup Tool
  3. Leave the default settings, then click Continue.
    Figure 6. Step 1: Specify Installation Preferences
  4. Click Continue again to proceed.
    Figure 7. Step 2: Download and Set Up MinGW Installation Manager
  5. In the Basic Setup view, click on mingw-developer-toolkit-bin and mingw32-base-bin and msys-base-bin and select Mark for Installation.
    Figure 8. MinGW Installation Manager: Basic Setup
  6. In the All Packages view, click on msys-wget-bin and select Mark for Installation.
    Figure 9. MinGW Installation Manager: All Packages
  7. Select Installation > Apply Changes from the top menu.
  8. Click Apply to proceed.
    Figure 10. Schedule of Pending Actions
    Installer downloads all necessary packages.
    Figure 11. Download Package
  9. After the installer applied all changes, click Close.
    Figure 12. Applying Scheduled Changes
  10. Select Installation > Quit from the top menu.

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