Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
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6.3.1. Operation

The mkpimage tool runs on a host machine. The tool generates the header and CRC checksum and inserts them into the output image with the bootloader program image and its exception vector.

For certain flash memory tools, the position of the bootloader images must be aligned to a specific block size; the mkpimage tool generates any padding data that may be required.

The mkpimage tool optionally decodes and validates header information when given a pre-generated bootloader image.

As illustrated, the binary bootloader image is an input to the mkpimage tool. The compiler leaves an empty space between the bootloader exception vector and the program. The mkpimage tool overwrites this empty region with header information and calculates a checksum for the whole image.

When necessary, the mkpimage tool appends the padding data to the output image.

The mkpimage tool can operate with either one or four input files. Operation on four input files consists in processing each file individually, then concatenating the four resulted images.

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