Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
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2.2.2. Installing Arm* DS*

  1. Download Arm* DS* installer archive from the Arm* Development Studio* for Intel® SoC FPGA Edition Download Center for FPGAs website. The current Intel® Quartus® Prime software version is 20.1 and the filename is: DS000-BN-00001-r20p0-00rel1.tgz.
  2. Extract the archive and run the installer as root:
    tar xf DS000-BN-00001-r20p0-00rel1.tgz
    cd DS000-BN-00001-r20p0-00rel1/
    sudo ./
  3. The installer displays the licensing agreement. Scroll using the space bar until the end of the license, type "yes" and press Enter.
    Please answer with one of: 'yes' or 'no/quit'
    Do you agree to the above terms and conditions? yes
  4. Press Enter to run the platform requirements check.
    Please answer with one of: 'yes/y' or 'no/n'
    Run installation platform requirement checks? [default: yes] 
    — Running installation platform requirement checks
    Running dependency check [succeeded]
  5. Leave the default installation path (unless you want to change it) and press Enter.
    Where would you like to install to? [default: /opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0]
  6. Press Enter to allow the new folder to be created:
    Please answer with one of: 'yes/y' or 'no/n'
    '/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0' does not exist, create? [default: yes] 
    — Installing to '/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0' (This may take a while…)
  7. Press Enter to allow the desktop menus to be added.
    Please answer with one of: 'yes/y' or 'no/n'
    Install desktop menu item additions? [default: yes] 
    — Installing menu entries
  8. Press Enter to allow the drivers to be installed.
    Post install stage provides the following functions:
    - Installation of USB drivers for RealView ICE and DSTREAM hardware units
    Please answer with one of: 'yes/y' or 'no/n'
    Run post install setup scripts? [default: yes] 
    — Running post install setup scripts
  9. Successful installation results in the following message:
    Installation completed successfully
    To start using Arm Development Studio 2020.0 either:
    - Create a suite sub-shell using /opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0/bin/suite_exec 
    - Launch GUI tools via their desktop menu entries
    The Release notes for the product can be found here: file:///opt/arm/developmentstudio-2020.0/sw/info/readme.html

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