Intel® SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite (SoC EDS) User Guide

ID 683187
Date 3/12/2021
Document Table of Contents

6.2. BSP Generator

The BSP Generator is used for the initial configuration of the Bootloader based on the Intel® Quartus® Prime handoff information for the following Intel SoC devices: Cyclone® V SoC, Arria® V SoC and Intel® Arria® 10 SoC.
Note: The BSP Generator is not used for the Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC and Intel® Agilex™ devices. For Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC and Intel® Agilex™ devices, the settings are available in the Intel® Quartus® Prime project, and passed along to the Bootloader by the SDM.

The BSP Generator allows you to create a new BSP with the default settings, based on the handoff information from Intel® Quartus® Prime.

The generated BSP includes a makefile, which outputs a message pointing you to visit "Building Bootloader" on to get details on how to build the bootloader.