Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Recommendations

ID 683082
Date 8/03/2023
Document Table of Contents Creating Design Assistant Waivers

To create a design rule waiver, follow these steps:
  1. Run one or more stages of the Compiler to generate Design Assistant reports for the rules that you enable for your design.
  2. In the Design Assistant report, right-click one or more rule violations, or right-click an entire rule category in the rule summary list, and then click Design Assistant Waiver. The Design Assistant Waiver dialog box opens preset with values from your violation selection.
    Figure 42. Right-Click Rule Violation in Report to Create Waiver for Violation
  3. Modify any of the default Violation conditions that define when the waiver applies. The default settings are the most descriptive, using all applicable fields. The comparison operator is always == (equal to) by default for all conditions. Refer to Design Assistant Waiver Dialog Box for all available options.
  4. Click the X button to delete a sub-condition and simplify the query. Click Add Condition to add a violation sub-condition.
  5. For waiver identification and audit tracking, optionally specify the waiver Owner name, a descriptive Tag, and a text Description.
    Figure 43. Design Assistant Waiver Dialog Box
  6. To preview the waived violations, click the Preview button. The Waived violations by the waiver list shows the waived rule violations during the next Design Assistant run. When you create a waiver after running Design Assistant, the newly added waiver specifies To be Waived in the Waived column. For any waivers that you delete, the Waiver column specifies Y + To be unwaived.
  7. When waiver definition is complete, click OK to apply the waiver the next time you run Design Assistant. Design Assistant does not check for compliance with the rules that match waiver conditions, nor report results for the rules you waive. The Design Assistant reports indicate waived violations following compilation.
    Figure 44. Applied Waiver Reported in Compilation Report

    The report's Waived column specifies Y (for yes) for waived violations.

    Design Assistant saves the rule waiver to a da_drc.dawf file in the project directory.