AN 985: Nios® V Processor Tutorial

ID 784468
Date 8/18/2023
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Ashling* RiscFree* IDE for Intel® FPGAs supports memory browser. You can view the content of On-Chip Memory (RAM) or other memory devices. This example targets the start address of On-Chip Memory (RAM), which the Hello World application begins.

To launch the memory browser, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Window > Show View > Memory Browser.
  2. Select Add Memory Monitor.
  3. Provide the memory address 0x0, and click OK.
    Figure 51. Memory Browser at Address 0x0
  4. Go to <Working directory>/software/app/build/Debug folder.
  5. Open the hello.elf.objdump file.
  6. Search for Disassembly of section .entry.
  7. The disassembly shows that the information at starting address 0 is 0x36c006f, which is exactly the same as in the Memory Browser.
  8. You can continue to verify section .exceptions.
    Figure 52. Disassembly of Hello World Application

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