Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC FPGA Boot User Guide

ID 683847
Date 7/26/2022

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4.9. Remote System Update

In the Remote System Update (RSU) case, the FPGA is configured from QSPI flash, using several application images and a factory image. First each application image is tried in order of priority, until one of them is successfully configured to the device. If no application image succeeds in configuring, the factory image is tried last. Procedures are provided for updating application image and the factory image in a safe way, so that the system integrity is not compromised. This is very important for devices deployed in the field, especially when there are a lot of them, or they are deployed in hard to reach places.

For more information about RSU, refer to the Intel® Stratix® 10 Hard Processor System Remote System Update User Guide.