Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express User Guide

ID 683821
Date 8/19/2022

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5.1.2. MCDMA Settings

Figure 16. MCDMA Settings Parameters
Table 54.  MCDMA Settings
Parameter Value Description

PIO BAR2 Address Width


128 Bytes - 7 bits ~ 8 EBytes - 63 bits

Address width for PIO AVMM port. Default address width is 22 bits

User Mode

Multi channel DMA

Bursting Master

Bursting Slave



This option allows user to configure the mode of operation for MCDMA IP. MCDMA mode has the DMA functionality. BAM and BAS offer Bursting Master and Slave AVMM capabilities without DMA functionality

Interface type



User logic interface type for D2HDM and H2DDM.

Default: Avalon-MM Interface

Number of ports


Number of ports for AVMM and AVST interface is 1.

Enable User-MSIX

On / Off

User MSI-X enables user application to initiate interrupts through MCDMA, this option is available only if the user selects MCDMA mode

Enable User-FLR

On / Off

User FLR interface allows passing of FLR signals to the user side application

D2H Prefetch channels







Sets the D2H Prefetch channels.

Applicable to AVST 1 port interface only.

In the current release, the D2H Prefetch Channels parameter follows the total number of DMA channels that you select in the IP Parameter Editor up to 256 total channels. When the total number of channels selected is greater than 256, then D2H Prefetch channels are fixed to 64.

Maximum Descriptor Fetch




Sets the maximum descriptors that are fetched per D2H prefetch channel.

Applicable to AVST 1 port interface only.

Enable Metadata

On / Off

Enable Metadata.

Applicable to AVST 1 port interface only.

Enable config slave

On / Off

This parameter is not user configurable. This is turned on automatically when a Root Port mode is selected. Not applicable to Endpoint mode.