Floating-Point IP Cores User Guide

ID 683750
Date 10/27/2021

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11.5. ALTFP_ATAN Parameters

Table 68.  ALTFP_ATAN Parameters
Parameter Name Type Required Description
WIDTH_EXP Integer Yes Specifies the precision of the exponent. The bias of the exponent is always set to 2(WIDTH_EXP-1) -1 (that is, 127 for single-precision format). The value of WIDTH_EXP must be 8 for single-precision format. The default value for WIDTH_EXP is 8.
WIDTH_MAN Integer Yes Specifies the precision of the mantissa. The value of WIDTH_MAN must be 23 when WIDTH_EXP is 8. The default value for WIDTH_MAN is 23.
PIPELINE Integer Yes The number of pipeline is fixed for the mantissa width and some internal parameter. For the correct settings, refer to Table 12–1 on page 12–2.
ROUNDING Integer No Specifies the rounding mode. The default value is TO_NEAREST. Other rounding modes are not supported.