AN 704: FPGA-based Safety Separation Design Flow for Rapid Functional Safety Certification

ID 683720
Date 9/01/2018
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DC Link Monitor safety IP partition

A safety IP partition may contain safety logic only. The DC link monitor measures the DC Link voltage in the drive system and requests a shutdown of the system if it is out of tolerance. The block only has one data input from the sigma-delta ADC on the power board. However the ADC also requires a 20MHz clock output, generated from the FPGA PLL, to operate. Therefore, the safety IP partition includes both the DC link monitor and the PLL. In this design example, a separate Qsys subsystem contains the PLL and DC link monitor and has a safety IP partition for the created subsystem. The Qsys system exports the PLL generated clocks from the safety IP partition so other partitions may use them.