Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683641
Date 10/02/2023

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7.1.4. Finding Design Elements in the Chip Planner

Use the Find tab to locate any design atom, port, location, or routing element by name within the Chip Planner view. The Find tab located in Chip Planner, you can view more information about the element on the Properties tab.
Figure 94. Click the Find Button to Search Chip Planner

To use the Find tab to locate design elements in Chip Planner:

  1. In Chip Planner, click the Find button. The Find tab opens.
  2. In Find what, enter the design element name(s) (and any wildcard characters) to find in Chip Planner.
  3. Under Find In, enable or disable the types of design elements to include in the search, as Find Options (Chip Planner Search) describes.
    Figure 95. Find Options and Controls

  4. To begin the search, click Find Next. The search results display in the Results list.
  5. To view details about any item in the Results list, click the Properties tab.
  6. To locate found elements in Chip Planner, right-click the design element in the Results list and click Zoom Into Selections. Chip Planner zooms into the selected elements.
    Figure 96. Zoom Into Selections from Search Results