AN 661: Implementing Fractional PLL Reconfiguration with Altera PLL and Altera PLL Reconfig IP Cores

ID 683640
Date 10/14/2019
Document Table of Contents Setting Up the Nios II Project Settings

To set up the Nios II project settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the Project Explorer tab, right click <project_name> and select Nios II, and click BSP Editor to launch the Nios II BSP Editor.
  2. To optimize the footprint size of the library project, in the Main tab, point to Settings and turn on enabled_reduced_device_drivers.
  3. To reduce the memory size allocated for the system library, for Max file descriptors, type 4.
  4. In the Linker Script tab, select onchip_memory2_0 and the linker region name for .bss, .heap, .rodata, .rwdata, .stack, and .text.
  5. Click Generate.