Agilex™ 7 FPGAs and SoCs Device Overview

ID 683458
Date 4/01/2024
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12.1. E-Tile Transceivers

The E-Tile transceivers provide continuous data rates from 1 Gbps to 28.9 Gbps NRZ and 2 Gbps to 58 Gbps PAM4. For longer-reach backplane driving applications, the E-Tile transceivers use advanced adaptive equalization circuits to equalize system loss.

All E-Tile transceiver channels are equipped with these blocks:

  • Dedicated PMA—provides primary interfacing capabilities to physical channels
  • Hardened PCS—typically handles encoding and decoding, word alignment, and other preprocessing functions before transferring data to the FPGA core fabric

A single PMA–PCS channel with independent clock domains forms each transceiver within the transceiver tile. Using a highly configurable clock distribution network, you can configure various bonded and non-bonded data rate within each transceiver bank and within each transceiver tile.