Intel Agilex® 7 Power Management User Guide

ID 683373
Date 10/31/2023
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4.3.3. Transceiver Tile Local Temperature Sensor Design Guidelines

The R-Tile, E-Tile, and F-Tile transceiver tiles9 have multiple built-in local TSDs, spread across each transceiver die. When you query the sensors, the readings from the TSDs may vary slightly from each other because of the different activities run in each TSD location of the transceiver tile.

  • For temperature reading through the SDM mailbox, you can query all local TSDs.
  • Intel recommends that you read all local TSDs in a transceiver tile temperature sensor location and use the highest temperature readout as the critical point for the tile.
9 Availability of the transceiver tiles varies among different Intel Agilex® 7 series, densities, and packages.