Intel® Agilex™ Power Management User Guide

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Date 9/06/2022
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5.1. SmartVID Standard Power Devices

The SmartVID feature compensates for process variation by narrowing the process distribution using voltage adaptation.

This feature is supported in all Intel® Agilex™ devices with the –V, –E, and –X power options only. For the –V, –E, and –X power option devices, you must connect the PWRMGT_SCL and PWRMGT_SDA pins in both the Power Management BUS (PMBus™) master and PMBus slave modes. The PWRMGT_ALERT pin is optional for the Intel® Agilex™ device in the PMBus slave mode. The PWRMGT_ALERT pin is an active low pin and is used to perform the handshake flow between the FPGA device and an external PMBus master. If you do not connect the PWRMGT_ALERT pin, the external PMBus master has to rely on the nCONFIG, nSTATUS, and INIT_DONE signals to perform the handshake flow. All connections must be set up on the circuit board and in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software.

Table 13.  The PMBus Master and Slave Modes Interfaces for the Intel® Agilex™ Devices
PMBus Interfaces Operating Modes
PMBus Master Mode PMBus Slave Mode
PWRMGT_SCL Required Required
PWRMGT_SDA Required Required

The PMBus master and PMBus slave modes only support the 1.8-V single-ended I/O standard.

Note: The PWRMGT_SDA, PWRMGT_SCL, and PWRMGT_ALERT signals are in the undetermined state during device power-up and power-down. The PWRMGT_SDA, PWRMGT_SCL, and PWRMGT_ALERT signals are only valid after the device is fully powered up.

For more information about how to connect these pins on the circuit board, refer to the Intel® Agilex™ Device Family Pin Connection Guidelines.

For instructions on how to set up the connections in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, refer to the Specifying Power Management and VID Parameters and Options.

Note: Intel® Agilex™ standard power devices (–1V, –2V, –3V, –3E, and –4X power grades) are SmartVID devices. The core voltage supplies (VCC and VCCP) for each SmartVID device is mandatory to be driven by a PMBus-compliant voltage regulator dedicated to the Intel® Agilex™ –V, –E, and –X power option devices that is connected to that Intel® Agilex™ device via PMBus. Intel® Agilex™ devices does not configure or function correctly if the core voltage is driven by a non-PMBus compliant regulator with a fixed output voltage.

Intel® programs the optimum voltage level required by each individual Intel® Agilex™ device into a fuse block during device manufacturing. The Secure Device Manager (SDM) Power Manager reads these values and can communicate them to an external power regulator or a system power controller through the PMBus interface.

The SmartVID feature allows a power regulator to provide the Intel® Agilex™ device with VCC and VCCP voltage levels that maintain the performance of the specific device speed grade. When the SmartVID feature is used:

  1. Intel® Agilex™ devices are powered up at 0.80V regardless of speed grade for both VCC and VCCP .
  2. After the VID-fused value in the Intel® Agilex™ device is determined and propagated to the external voltage regulator, both the VCC and VCCP voltages are regulated based on the boosted VID-fused value.

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