Agilex™ 7 Power Management User Guide

ID 683373
Date 4/01/2024
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4.2.1. Local Temperature Sensor

The Agilex™ 7 local temperature sensors use built-in 11-bit ADCs and provide temperature readouts through the SDM mailbox.

Each temperature sensor location contains up to two local TSDs in the core fabric, or up to six TSDs in transceiver tiles5.

Figure 8.  Agilex™ 7 FPGAs Local Temperature SensorThis figure is a block diagram of the local temperature sensors. For the physical locations of the sensors, refer to the related information.

Agilex™ 7 devices provide up to 11 local temperature sensor locations for monitoring on-chip temperature.

  • Up to five temperature sensor locations in the core fabric—with a total of up to nine local TSDs among them—allow you to monitor the temperatures around the core fabric.
  • Up to six local temperature sensor locations, one in each transceiver tile, allow you to monitor the temperature of the transceiver tiles. The number of transceiver tiles varies among Agilex™ 7 devices and package options.
  • For M-Series FPGAs, up to two temperature sensor locations, one in each HBM2E tile, allow you to monitor the temperature of the HBM2E tiles. The number of HBM2E tiles varies among the M-Series FPGAs.

Refer to the related information for more details about the locations and availability of the temperature sensors in different Agilex™ 7 series, densities, and packages.

Catastrophic Trip Signal

The catastrophic trip signal, nCATTRIP, is an optional signal that you can assign to any unused SDM_IO pin. If enabled, the nCATTRIP signal asserts and stays high. When the core temperature reaches 120° C and higher, the nCATTRIP signal drives low—you must immediately power down the FPGA to avoid permanent damage to the device. The nCATTRIP signal is only valid after the device enters user mode.

Note: The catastrophic signal is not supported for the local TSD in the SDM location.
5 The number of local TSDs in each location for R-Tile, F-Tile, and E-Tile transceivers are six, five, and four, respectively. Other types of transceiver tiles have only one local TSD per location. For details about availability of the temperature sensors, refer to the related information.