Agilex™ 7 Power Management User Guide

ID 683373
Date 4/01/2024
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3.3. Power-Down Sequence Requirements for Agilex™ 7 Devices with E-Tile

Agilex™ 7 devices with E-Tile must follow certain requirements during a power-down sequence. The power-down sequence can be a controlled power-down event via an on or off switch or an uncontrolled event such as a power supply collapse. In either situation, you must follow a specific power-down sequence.

Figure 4. Power-Down Sequence for Agilex™ 7 Devices with E-Tile
  • Power down all power rails fully within 100 ms.
  • Before Group 1 (VCC_HSSI_GXE) supply powers down, power down Group 2 (VCCH_GXE & VCCCLK_GXE) supplies within 10% of the nominal voltage.
  • During uncontrolled power-down sequence, as soon as 1 rail is powered down, power down the remaining rails as fast as possible.

For Agilex™ 7 devices with E-Tile, you can combine and ramp down other voltage rails that share the same voltage level and the same voltage regulator.