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Intel® VTune™ Profiler User Guide

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Date 12/16/2022

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<span class='option'>sort-asc</span>

Sort data in ascending order by the specified column name.

GUI Equivalent

Context Menu: Grid


-sort-asc <string>

-s <string>





Column name that corresponds to a performance metric or event name. Multiple values are possible.

Actions Modified



Use the sort-asc option with the report action to sort data by the specified column name in ascending order. Each column name corresponds to a performance metric or event.

You can specify multiple values as a comma-separated string (no spaces).

Alternate Options

Opposite: sort-desc


This example sorts the data collected in the r001ue result and displayed in the Hardware Events report in the ascending order by the INST_RETIRED.ANY and CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.CORE event columns.

vtune -r r001ge -report hw-events -sort-asc=INST_RETIRED.ANY,CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.CORE

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